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Coal news and updates

Most India Coal Plants May Miss Emission Deadline, Study Says

22 May 2020

A majority of India’s coal-fired power stations may miss deadlines to curb toxic emissions, hurting efforts to curb air pollution, according to non-profit group Centre for Science and Environment.
As much as 70% of the country’s coal-fired capacity is at risk of missing the 2022 deadline for capping emissions of sulfur di-oxide, the environment group, also called CSE, said in a report.
Indian power generators have moved slowly on implementing the pollution standards, voicing concerns ranging from high costs to financing challenges and lack of regulatory clarity. Business disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic may exacerbate those worries. In addition, the government plans to open up coal mining to the private sector, an indication the polluting fuel will remain the mainstay of the country’s energy needs.
“We cannot accept that we will continue to use coal without emission control,” CSE said in an emailed statement about the report. “We want growth post-lockdown, but it has to be a growth which comes with our right to clean air. This must be equally important.”
There’s little information in the public domain on compliance with nitrogen oxides and particulate matter standards, CSE said in the statement.