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Coal news and updates

CIL has taken various measures to improve coal supply, says Chairman

26 Jul 2018

Coal India Limited (CIL) Chairman, Anil Kumar Jha today said CIL was taking various measures to improve coal supply to power and steel sector.
Effective measures are being taken to ensure supply of sufficient quantity of coal to meet the requirement of power and steel sector, so that they do not suffer any loss of production due to coal shortage, he told reporters at Rajarappa in Ramgarh district.
"We have effective and better plan to increase coal production as well as coal supply with new coal projects in view of rising demand of coal," the CIL chairman said.
Jha said that future of CIL is bright as government has taken various initiatives to increase coal output as well as supply of coal to meet requirement of coal in various industries in India. 
Source: Economic Times