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Coal news and updates


26 Dec 2017

During the technical session of ‘Pandit Deendayal Upadhayaya Urja Samvad’ here on Saturday Coal India Chairman Gopal Singh said that Coal India and its subsidiaries have been committed to meet energy requirement of the Nation. He added PM has planned to provide reliable and affordable power to willing household by 2018 and this is one the top priorities of the government.  He further said that in the month of August nuclear, solar, hydel power resources have witnessed negative growth in energy generation and in September, 2017 Coal India has dispatched 21 per cent of more coal to the power plants and played significant role in meeting energy requirement of the country. Singh said Coal India is the single largest coal producing company of the world.
The Chairman said that 320 billion tonnes of coal reserve has been in the country and it is 7 per cent of the reserve of the world. He further said that the energy consumption in India is about one-third of the world average and 60 per cent of installed capacity of energy in the country is based on thermal plants. The company has been constantly meeting energy requirement of the country and carrying out welfare activities with support from Central Government, State Government and other stakeholders.
Talking about the importance Coal India family, Singh said that three lakh people are directly and 25-30 lakh are indirectly related with the company. He said that at the moment, power plants have coal stock of 12 million tonnes which will run for 9-10 days. Singh said that there should be growth of GDP for development of the country and Coal India is playing significant role in this direction.
Source: Daily Pioneer