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Coal news and updates

Decision about changes at troubled coal plant to come this year

14 Feb 2020

Any changes in the operation of North Dakota’s largest coal-fired power plant would be announced this year, Great River Energy said Thursday, more than a week after rumors began circulating about a potential shutdown. “We recognize this is a difficult time for the communities in and around Coal Creek Station and for our employees,” said Jon Brekke, vice president of power supply for the Minnesota-based power cooperative that owns the plant. Coal Creek Station in McLean County employs 265 people, and several hundred more work at the nearby Falkirk Mine, which supplies the power plant with coal. Speaking to the interim Energy Development and Transmission Committee at the state Capitol, Brekke reiterated statements the company made last week amid rumors that the plant might shut down. He said Coal Creek faces “economic challenges” amid low prices in the power market.

Source : https://bismarcktribune.com