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Coal news and updates

New platform seeks to assist coal-dependent communities

02 Jul 2020

A diverse coalition of leaders in coal communities nationwide have banded together to take on one of the most pressing challenges facing Wyoming and fellow coal-producing regions: how to adapt to the downturn in the coal sector and build new economies.
On Monday, about 80 organizations from across the country announced the launch of the National Economic Transition platform, an initiative focused on supporting economic transitions in states and tribes dependent on coal for jobs, revenue and other critical services.
Led by the Just Transition Fund, an organization providing grants and support to coal-dependent communities, the new platform aims to provide coal-affected regions with the resources and tools to implement local solutions — from stimulating small business development and accelerating coal mine cleanup projects to investing in new infrastructure and improving public health or education systems.
“From Appalachia to western tribal lands, the families and workers in America’s coalfields and coal plants fueled the greatest economic expansion our country has ever witnessed,” Heidi Binko, executive director of Just Transition Fund, said in a statement. “As coal declines, these communities deserve the investment they need to make a just and fair transition to a brighter economic future.”