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Coal news and updates

PGE shutters Boardman coal-fired power plant, citing clean energy ambitions

16 Oct 2020

Portland General Electric (PGE) announced on Thursday that it has permanently closed the state's only coal-fired power plant in an effort towards reducing air emissions.
The company says the plan to close the Boardman Generating Station in Eastern Oregon came about 20 years ahead of schedule but they chose to do so in an effort to transition into cleaner energy sources.
“Our customers are counting on us to deliver a clean energy future,” PGE President and CEO Maria Pope said in a released statement. “PGE’s Boardman closure is a major step on our path to meeting Oregon’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals and transforming our system to reliably serve our customers with a cleaner, more sustainable energy mix."
The company says it is working to build a new facility with NextEra energy resources, southeast of Boardman, which will involve wind and solar energy.