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Thermal power plants in Gujarat may face closure on coal shortage: GSECL official

04 Jun 2018

Thermal power plants in the state are not getting adequate supply of coal and could face closure, leading to power shortage, if immediate steps are not taken, a senior GSECL official has said. 
The state government has taken up the issue with the railway and power ministries for ensuring adequate supply of coal in the plants in Ukai, Wanakbori and Gandhinagar and avoiding worst power situation in the state,the official said. 
These plants have been on average generating 3,000 MW of power against their installed capacity of around 4,000 MW, besides another 500-MW power plant at Sikka in Saurashtra which imports coal, as per the official. 
"Thermal power plants in Gujarat are facing severe coal shortage and are running at less than a day's stocks," the official told on condition of anonymity. 
"If the supply is disrupted, it can lead to the closure of a number of units and create severe capacity shortage," he added. 
The Gujarat State Electricity Corporation (GSECL) is a subsidiary of the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam (GUVNL), the state power distribution company, and looks after power generation at these station. 
The power demand in the state is at its peak, with average daily demand touching up to 16,000 MW, due to severe heat wave conditions. 
The GUVNL, a state government promoted company, has been purchasing on average 3,000 to 4,000 MW through central power agency for meeting the ever increasing demand of power, which is due to shortage of coal, high cost of gas and failure of hydro-based power stations in generating adequate quantity of power, the official said. 
The state government has requested the railway ministry to provide rakes for transporting coal to the power plants to avoid any shortage of the coal during this peak season, he said. 
It has also requested the power ministry for granting higher priority to loading of coal for power houses from goods sheds to facilitate higher supply, he added. 
In a representation made before the Centre, the state government has also requested it to formulate a coal augmentation plan in consultation with the state and supply additional stock to it (Gujarat) from pitheads located in Nagpur in the western region, besides northern and eastern region of the country, the official said.
Source: Economic Times