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Coal news and updates

4.8 Lakh Tonnes of Coal import from Malaysia to avoid Power Cut

10 May 2022

To meet the coal shortage, malaysia and indonesia would import 4.80 lakh tonnes. The coal will arrive in tamil Nadu on the 15th, according to officials from the electricity Board. There are 2.29 crore residential electrical connections, 34 lakh commercial connections, 7.50 lakh low voltage factory electrical connections, and 10,000 high voltage electrical connections in tamil Nadu.

In the winter, daily power consumption is 9,000 MW, while in the summer, it is 16,000 MW. On the 29th of last month, daily electricity demand increased to 17,370 MW. The electricity Board generates 3,700 MW of electricity everyday from its own power plants to meet demand. The rest of the energy comes from the central power system and private power plants.

To create electricity, thermal power plants require 72,000 tonnes of coal every day. The two mines at Talsar and IP Valley in Orissa, however, only supply 40,000 to 50,000 tonnes of coal. Coal is delivered by freight trains from the mines to the port of Paradip, and then by ships to tamil Nadu. However, tamil Nadu has been allocated only one coal-fired site at the Paradip port, delaying coal supply due to a lack of freight carriages. As a result, there is a lack of coal in thermal power plants, making full capacity generation difficult. The electricity Board has opted to import coal from outside in this situation.