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Coal news and updates

Avon Lake coal-fired power plant is closing, opening up lakefront space while impacting 55 jobs

10 Jun 2021

 The city of Avon Lake announced plans today to reimagine its lakefront, with a 40-acre coal-fired power plant shutting down in that space.
While the Avon Lake Generating Station, currently owned by GenOn Holdings, only operates less than 50 days a year, the closure means 55 jobs are going away.
Still, the city sees much opportunity in the lakefront space, explaining in a press release Tuesday that a new owner (who has yet to be named) would be able to come in and raze the 100-year-old plant and turn the property into a recreational oasis, perfect for public use.
“This project will open up a prime 40-acre site on Lake Erie to the public, while also allowing us to take a giant step forward in cleaning up our environment and improving the quality of life for everyone in our community,” Mayor Gregory Zilka said in a statement.
State and federal funds are also being sought by the city to aid in the cleanup of the large property. The cleanup would reportedly take place over the next few years, after a property transfer takes place this fall.
Source : https://fox8.com/news