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Coal news and updates

Coal stocks at Indian power plants cross 23-mt level

30 Aug 2013

August 30: Lower power generation due to lack of demand from distribution companies led to an increase in coal stock levels at power plants as a result of which total stocks have crossed the 23-mt level, according to data available with ICMW.

The coal stocks position at the 99 Indian power plants monitored by CEA stood at 23.08 mt as on August 25, 2013 while the same stood at 22.05 mt on August 1, 2013.

Out of the total inventory on August 25, imported coal stood at 1.033 mt while domestic coal stood at 22.048 mt. The stocks of imported and domestic coal stood at 0.794 mt and 21.259 mt, respectively on August 1.

The total coal stocks with power plants stood at 22.998 mt on August 15 and at 23.267 mt on August 20.

Consequent to increased coal supplies, the number of plants facing critical coal stock position of less than seven days fell to 9 on August 25, slightly up from 6 plants facing the same situation as on August 20 while 7 plants were facing the same situation both on August 15 and August 1.

However, the number of plants facing super critical coal stocks of less than four days stood at 4 as on August 25, slightly lower from 6 plants in the same situation as on August 20. The number of super critical plants also stood at 2 on August 15 and 5 on August 1, respectively, as per CEA data.