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Coal news and updates

Tuscaloosa County coal miners reach ‘tentative agreement’ with Warrior Met Coal

06 Apr 2021

The United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) have reached a tentative collective bargaining agreement with Warrior Met Coal, Inc. Monday after workers went on strike back on Thursday.
The union has not released details of the agreement and won’t until its members voted on the terms.
“I am so very proud of our members at Warrior Met for standing up for themselves, their families and their communities,” UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts said. “Going on strike is a difficult thing to do, but they have shown tremendous unity on the picket lines. Their story is being told across the world right now, and it is one of strength, determination and solidarity.   
More than 1,100 workers went on strike after contract negotiations fell through. CBS 42 spoke with several miners who protested outside of Mine Entrance 7 on Friday.
The contract explanation meetings will be held Wednesday, according to UMWA. A vote will then take place within 48 hours after the meetings.
Source : https://www.cbs42.com/news/local